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Please join us for the LOVE, RACE and GRACE program launching this upcoming Wednesday, November 29th from 9:00am to 2:00pm at Shiloh Baptist Church in Washington DC.


Maine Avenue Ministries is a Christian Ministry reaching out to do God’s will.  It is the umbrella for The World Spiritual Service Leadership and Scholarship Awards Program; The Institute for Spirituality, Education, Mentoring, Health, Nutrition, Community Fellowship and Networking; The Violence and Prevention Programs for “LOVE: Let’s Overcome Violence Everywhere” and "RACE: Reaching Across Colorlines Everywhere;" the Long Term Care Advocacy Program; Care Giving and Love; the Organ Donor Program; and the Powder Blue Support Programs for abused, divorced, separated, single, widowed, and all other women in need of support.

Wherever we go in our travels, there is always a Main Street or a Main Road which is considered the main thoroughfare, especially in small cities, towns, villages, and rural areas.  When directions are given to locate either a place or person, we are often told to follow the Main Street or Main Road.  Maine Avenue Ministries has traveled throughout China, Russia, Germany, South America, Southeast Asia, South and West Africa, and other places, sharing experiences related to culture and spirituality, preaching, speaking and motivating others.


Similarly, Maine Avenue Ministries is a Spiritual and Motivational Thoroughfare seeking to win souls for God.  We are reaching out to the young and old, rich and poor, sick and well, motivating and uplifting those without hope, courage, and faith.  The journey requires a commitment to love our neighbors and to believe in equity and justice in the name of Jesus Christ.  This is our direction for the journey.  There are no stop lights, no lights to slow down, only green "go" lights for Christ.  The Good News Gospel directions are always clear.  Through faith in Jesus, forgiveness and obedience.  Movement is always Forward Motion with Positive Notions.

The World Spiritual Service Leadership and

Scholarship Awards Program

This ecumenical program is organized exclusively for religious, charitable, cultural and educational activities that are related to Christian work and spiritual development.  Students and others benefit from the scholarship assistance, mentoring, tutoring, counseling, encouragement, and fellowship services.

The World Spiritual Service Leadership Awards Program celebrates those who use their lives to help others, their communities and the world to become a better place to live and share wholesome relationships that demonstrate love.  

Our honorees assist with programs that help lower the poverty level, eliminate racial hatred, abuse, pain, grief and violence, and ensure good health, nutrition, and spirituality.  Through partnerships, we seek to elevate the holistic welfare of our children, youth, adults, seniors and the mentally and physically challenged.  A part of our major goal is to understand and benefit from other ethnic cultures and faiths in order to promote spiritual harmony throughout the world.

The Community-Wide Institute for Spirituality, Education, Health, Nutrition, and Networking

This ministry is an outreach and support mechanism to assist in achieving the goals and objectives of “The World Spiritual Service Leadership and Scholarship Awards, and other programs.


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